& I am afraid to publish it

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In 2019, I went through an intense year of healing childhood trauma. As a result, my mental health was not the best. I was struggling. I mean really struggling.

I couldn’t concentrate at work and despite going to therapy on a regular basis, my thoughts of suicide increased. I had panic attacks were I would dissociate. Things got pretty scary.

When things became to much, I ended up in the hospital. I got diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder. …

and thinks he knows everything

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The worst thing? I let him get under my skin.

I let what he says get to me.

His words often overpower mine.

If his words overpower me, I often wonder how the female clients feel. We work in a homeless shelter, in a crisis-driven environment, filled with mental health, and substance use. The majority of the clients we serve are men, but there are some women here too.

He’s sexist. Thinks he knows everything.

And….He also likes to through his Christianity believes onto…

How it helped improve my mental health

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Finding forgiveness for someone that has done you wrong can be very empowering and freeing.

Forgiveness allows you to release heavy emotions of unwanted shame, guilt, and negativity.

According to Elizabeth and Padmakumari, 2016, they found:

“Forgiving people to be more empathic and less narcissistic. Forgiveness can result in less stress, lower anxiety, and depression, increasing an individual’s overall mental health and well-being.”

Through the forgiveness process, you learn to cope and accept the trauma you endured and also learn how to overcome the power dynamics your abuser put upon you.

In their article Mental Health Through Forgiveness: Exploring The Roots and Benefits, Elizabeth and Padmakumari, 2016, state that “forgiveness is about making peace with life whether that be another person, yourself, or a situation or circumstance that…

Ever wondered if you are psychic?

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In the early 1900s, Albert Einstein discovered that everything equals back to energy. In other words, he learned that: “everything is made up of energy”.

When you look at life from Albert Einstein’s perspective, it means that you, me, the very electrical device you are reading this article from, and the world you live in is all made up of energy.

Albert Einstein continued to explain that when you “match the frequency of the reality you want, you cannot help but get that reality.”

Being made up of energy, everyone has the concept to understand and work with energy. Psychics…

Did you know we all have a SHADOW inside of us?

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Have you ever heard the team Shadow Work and wondered what it meant? It is a term that is often thrown around in the universe but not fully understood, or practiced beneficially.

Your shadow carries all the things you deem as dark, the things you are not happy with, and the things you hold shame around.

Imagine it as a subconscious darkness outside of you. In your shadow, you store different events, memories and moments, thoughts, and feelings. …

A desire to be free

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The cocoon, however, stays hidden shut. Broken. Damaged. Bruised. The child remains buried in layers upon layers of silk. She cries out in the middle of the night. Craving to feel, craving to be something more than what is already there.

All she wanted, was to be noticed, inside the tiny cocoon wrapped in layers of silk, she wanted to be valued for who she was…

8 solutions to help solve them

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Many self-identifying empaths share that they are highly sensitive individuals who care deeply for others, and are often picking up someone else’s emotions and feelings.

There are also challenges they face due to this amazing gift. If you are an Empaths you know you will often find yourself absorbing energy, feelings, and emotions that are not your own. You may become stressed and overwhelmed based on the sudden changes in the atmosphere and its energy.


Did you know your environment can make or break your recovery?

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The environment you are in and have grown up in splays an essential role in your recovery, whether you struggle with an addiction, mental health, or both.

Depending on the environment you are in, your recovery can excel, or potentially it can flop.

Given your mental health and or addiction's intensity, your living environment, family environment, relationship environment, and career environment can all be last on your list.

You may find them in the back of your mind as a worry or a constantly circulating thought. …

We all have an inner child within us

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The correlation between inner child work and trauma is often at times an underestimated healing modality.

Inner child work shifts our perspectives from viewing trauma as external circumstances to helping us connect to the event's internal feeling.

This then allows you to process your feelings vs. having them continue to build each time you recall the trauma externally.

Using the inner child modality helps you shift your subconscious blocks and awaken repressed trauma. It allows for the core wounds of the trauma to surface so that you can heal them through aligning and releasing emotions.

What exactly does this look like?

Our inner child holds a…

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Entrepreneur & Freelance Writer. Owner of Julia Frances, helping women to heal, grow, and expand their intuition.

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