Overcoming Long-Lasting Impacts Of Childhood Sexual Abuse

I was sexually abused as a child. My mom did not believe me.

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They never really felt like they were living.

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For years survivors of sexual abuse and assault have been left to experience severe psychological impacts such as:

The list goes on.

I was in denial that these symptoms were related to PTSD.

That happened to me.

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My Uncle would say the following threats to me:

My mother told me I had false memories.


Guided journaling.

The belief “we are the co-creators of our reality”.

Intuitive development.

Women circles and full moon rituals.

Reframe the way you think.

Remember to full your cup first.

Spend some time doing self care and connecting back to what you love.

Here are some ways that you can incorporate self-care into your life:

It is okay to not be okay at times. Recovery is not measured by a straight line.

To this day, the memories still tend to haunt me, they still impact me.

Entrepreneur & Freelance Writer. Owner of Julia Frances, helping women to heal, grow, and expand their intuition.

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